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Pine Island Farm 13th Annual Meeting

 Saturday, June 29th, 2019

11 AM at Pine Island Common Grounds




  • Review 2018 Meeting Notes


  • Financial Review


  • Collection Efforts


  • Association Attorneys and current litigation


  • Mayham Dam Repair


  • Common Property Maintenance


  • Road Maintenance


  • Improvements


  • Board Nominations and Elections


  • Open Discussion 



          Board Elections


   All board positions are open for nomination of new members and voting in new members.   Please submit your suggestion(s) or candidacy for the position of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary to



    Board participation is a vital aspect of any homeowners association.   Please give strong consideration into volunteering for the board positions described below.   



Board duties and responsibilities;


            President – the CEO of the Association shall preside at all meeting of the Association Members and manage all business related to the association.


            Vice President – the Vice President shall take the place of the President in absence or inability to perform said duties


            Secretary – the Secretary should attend all meetings, record all votes and meeting minutes of all proceedings.   Provide members with timely communication of current events.


            Treasurer – the Treasurer shall have the custody of the association funds and keep accurate records of receipts and disbursements and manage the individual member accounts.


            Board Member – To guide and vote on all Association matters.




Water and soft drinks will be available for the meeting.  Please bring a lawn chair.


I look forward to seeing everyone