Pine Island Farm 15th Annual Meeting

 Saturday, June 26th, 2021

11 AM at Pine Island Common Grounds





  • Welcome new members


  • Financial Review


  • Past due, Collections, Legal

  • Improvements, Current and Proposed


  • Building soon ?   You need Board approval


  • Annual Dam Report 

  • Proxy Vote

  • Board Elections

  • Open Discussion


   All board positions are open for nomination.   Please consider joining the Pine Island Farm Property Owners Association Board.   It's a chance to get involved and does not require a big commitment.



Board duties and responsibilities;


            President – the CEO of the Association shall preside at all meeting of the Association Members and manage all business related to the association.


            Vice President – the Vice President shall take the place of the President in absence or inability to perform said duties


            Secretary – the Secretary should attend all meetings, record all votes and meeting minutes of all proceedings.   Provide members with timely communication of current events.


            Treasurer – the Treasurer shall have the custody of the association funds and keep accurate records of receipts and disbursements and manage the individual member accounts.


            Board Member – To guide and vote on all Association matters.




Water will be provided for the meeting.  Please bring a lawn chair.


I look forward to seeing everyone

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