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Pine Island Farm 18th Annual Meeting

 Saturday, July 20th, 2024

11 AM at Pine Island Common Grounds



         The meeting will take place on Pine Island.  Please park in the appropriate area and along the side of the road but do not block the road.   Please bring a chair and something to drink.   See you all then !


  • Welcome new members


  • Financial Review


  • Past due, Collections, Legal

  • Improvements, Current and Proposed


  • Building soon ?   You need Board approval


  • Annual Dam Report 

  • Proxy Vote

  • Board Elections

  • Open Discussion


   All board positions are open for nomination.   Please consider joining the Pine Island Farm Property Owners Association Board.   It's a chance to get involved and does not require a big commitment.



Board duties and responsibilities;


            President – the CEO of the Association shall preside at all meeting of the Association Members and manage all business related to the association.


            Vice President – the Vice President shall take the place of the President in absence or inability to perform said duties


            Secretary – the Secretary should attend all meetings, record all votes and meeting minutes of all proceedings.   Provide members with timely communication of current events.


            Treasurer – the Treasurer shall have the custody of the association funds and keep accurate records of receipts and disbursements and manage the individual member accounts.


            Board Member – To guide and vote on all Association matters.




Water will be provided for the meeting.  Please bring a lawn chair.


I look forward to seeing everyone

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